The Natural Approach to…. Arthritis

We have a picture of arthritis being a disease of old age, and so it is to some degree. But many middle-aged, and occasionally even young people, also suffer its effects. So what is going on?

From a holistic point of view there are two potential causes – one is to do with an over acidic body, and the other wear and tear. Lets start with the latter – wear and tear is not a given of old age. It depends on how depleted your body has been over the years of certain key nutrients which offset the degenerative effects of the damage caused by such things as free radicals within the body. With a full compliment of nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes etc your body has sufficient resources to offset or minimize any damage before you start to notice it, and even to heal any that has occurred. This ensures that the worst effects of ‘wear and tear’ are contained.

The other likely cause is over acidification of the body which sets up an inflammatory response. For prime health our body needs to maintain a body PH of 7.365, which is just slightly alkaline, and the ideal diet for the human body reflects this – 80% alkaline forming foods to 20% acid forming foods. The standard western diet inverts this to 80% acid forming to 20% alkaline forming foods, so an acidic imbalance builds as the liver struggles to expel the excess acids. What cahttp://localhost/saira-salmon/wp-admin/post-new.php#n’t be cleared daily is stored – often as fatty tissue, or can end up in the joints (as far away from vital organs as possible). Cleansing and re-alkalinising your body can help relieve the pain and further degeneration this acidic waste causes.

So how do you do that? Well, eating a diet rich in alkalinizing vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds is important, as is minimizing the intake of acidic foods such as red meats, too much dairy and wheat, coffee and alcohol. There are various techniques which help to cleanse the body and strengthen the liver in its functioning to aid detoxification, and some products which, when taken daily, further speed up the expelling of these wastes.

For those already coping with the effects of arthritic joints, natural products such as Glucosamine, which is found in joint cartilage, chondroitin, a protein which gives cartilage its elasticity and MSM which has been found to be an effective pain reliever can be used. Studies have shown combination formulas of these substances to be as effective as prescription painkillers which are commonly used, and research is showing Glucosamine helps joint mobility and repair. A product called Everflex combines these ingredients very successfully – the benefits of a combination formula are that you can take one tablet instead of three and get the same benefits!

So if you want to try an approach which doesn’t have the risk factor of long term drug use, there are some simple and effective measures you can try.