ES, Northwood

Saira really helped me to take control of my IBS, by looking at the underlying symptoms rather than just trying to find a cure. The results have been fantastic and I can put this down to Saira's thorough approach and extensive knowledge. She has also helped me in other aspects of my life, she is far more than a naturopathic nutritionist she is an inspiration.

Wendy Prior

Saira is a most gifted naturopathic nutritionist, whom I have had the benefit of knowing for about four years now. She has helped me to regain my health and vitality through two pregnancies and been an excellent addition to my fitness regime. I have very much appreciated her knowledge around management of weight loss issues. I love the fact that she explains things so clearly – her depth of knowledge is outstanding. What I particularly value about Saira is her holistic approach and wider understanding about how my nutritional status is impacted by my emotional health. Giving Saira access to work with all areas of my health and wellbeing has been the key to making real progress in this area of my life. As a Personal and Business Coach, it’s essential to be able to ‘walk your talk’ and look and feel your best with your clients. Saira is a most valued member of my personal ‘feel good’ team!

SS, Oxfordshire

Saira is meticulous and uncompromising in her research for the most effective products for her clients.  She has a great width and depth of knowlege and is generous with her information.  She is motivated by wanting people to be well,  I have found her help beneficial in many ways and have recommended her to many people.

EB, Abingdon

Saira has the rare ability to look beyond just the physical. She is using her vast knowledge and experience in healing therapies to also treat the emotional and mental symptoms which are the underlying cause for so many illnesses. Her advice has empowered me to take responsibility for my own health and changed my life for the better.

I really mean it!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Rachael Beesley Norfolk

Thanks for our session yesterday Saira, I couldn't believe what we managed to cover in just one call!! I now feel equipped to deal with the IBS symptons I experience when I'm juggling lots and allowing the pressures to knock me out of balance! I love your down-to-earth, understanding - yes life can be busy but here's ...what you can do to really look after yourself - approach!.

JR, Wimbledon

Saira empowers you to find your own path to health and healing whilst supporting you with the most amazing knowledge and guiding you with insight and tenderness to ensure that together you achieve your goals. I have worked with her on a number of issues because she is the best and I am worth the

WLP, Warwickshire.

Saira has been my nutritionist for years, helping me to finally crack my stubborn excess weight issue, regain my energy and vitality and ensure I that look after my young family’s nutritional needs. More recently I came up against a brick wall in my relationship and did not know which way to turn. Saira was there for me, immediately inviting me to spend a whole afternoon with her in her beautiful home. Together we discussed the nature of our problems and she instinctively drew on her vast array of knowledge and beautiful feminine approaches to put me back in touch with my power as a woman. A few days later and my partner and I were reconciled. She is truly amazing and I am so blessed to have Saira in my life’.

RB, Forest Hill

Saira is my ‘go to’ person for everything relating to my nutrition and wider well being. I used to suffer from IBS that she helped me conquer and the depth of her knowledge never fails to impress me – she always offers a totally different perspective from any I have heard before. She works instinctively to find a practical solution that works with your lifestyle to get exactly the right results for you. She’s one of my favorite recommendations to friends’.