Good Nutrition – the Key to a Healthy Young/Middle/Old Age?

Mention you are a nutritionist at any dinner party and the hostess will immediately start to make excuses for the menu and guests will either apologetically or defiantly tell you where they know they’re going wrong.

We all know the basics of a reasonable diet. What we are more unaware of are the ongoing consequences of any poor dietary choices, day after day. Very few of us die of old age. Most of us sicken and die prematurely of the diseases of degeneration. Scientists have worked out that our biological potential is 110 to 120 years, but most of us will make it no further than our 70 or 80s – and much of that time will be difficult as our health, and bodies, break down.

Rather than the simple passage of time, many of the reasons why our bodies run down is because the natural repair and defense mechanisms become overwhelmed due to inadequate nutritional support. If you deprive your car of the right oil and petrol, and neglect to give it basic services, you are not terribly surprised when it gives up on you. Your body is an amazingly complex mechanism and, providing, it has the right nutrients in sufficient quantities has tremendous healing abilities. Deprive it of what it needs to function at optimum level and you start to have problems – nothing major maybe, in your twenties and thirties, but as the deficiency pictures deepen, so does the impact on your health, until by your fifties or sixties you are seeing rather more of your doctor than you would wish for – blood pressure, heart disease, joint pains, cholesterol, diabetes, digestive problems, fatigue, poor memory, weight issues, skin problems and so on and so on. The list is endless.

There have been thousands of studies done which highlight the benefits of good nutrition in improving people’s health. The message however, is slow in being heard. Do you really want to spend your last couple of decades of life getting out of bed every morning tired, aching in every joint, having to take a cocktail of drugs to get you through the day? No, nor do I! So take control of what is happening, and start to find out what to do to alleviate things. Week on week I shall look at some of the more common health issues and what you can do to help them with nutritional healing, starting next week with one of the fundamentals – are supplements really necessary, or can you do it all with diet?