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Remember feeling full of energy, brimful of enthusiasm, and looking forward to getting on with each day.  Or is this just a distant memory?

It needn’t be.  Tiredness, digestive problems, skin breakouts, weight issues and all the other day ills that we are so familiar with are just your body’s messages to you that something is wrong.  Are you listening to it?

If not, find out what you can do about it –  I know, I was that person once, and I’ll share with you some of the many things you need to know to get things back on track.  There are lots of simple things you can do that will make a difference and improve your energy, outlook, weight etc.

In this free audio series of 6 modules, you’ll find out lots you wish you’d known before – this took me years to find out the hard way, and I want to share it with you to empower you to begin to reach out for the life – and body – you REALLY want!

Topics for this series are:

1. Detoxification: The first step on the road to a happier, healthier, more energetic you!

  •  Why detox? does it serve a purpose?
  •  What effect does it have?
  •  How does this help weight and other issues?
  •  Effective ways to do it.
  •  Cleansing at other levels.
  •  Getting more attuned.

2. Starving in the Midst of Plenty: The role nutritional deficiencies play in keeping us overweight, fatigued and miserable – and lacking in abundance in other areas of our lives. In this class, you will learn:

  • Why you’re not getting the fuel you think you are.
  • Type B malnutrition – what it is and is it affecting you?
  • How this condition substantially increases your risk of illness and disease.
  • How a starving body equals a starving mind.
  • Victim vs. Victor!

3. Truly Simple Steps to Lose Weight: It doesn’t have to hurt! In this class, I share with you:

  • How diets confuse and overwhelm us, often causing us to give up and feel like we’ve failed.
  • How to stop the diet merry-go-round by learning what truly works and what doesn’t.
  • Why calorie counting and long term weight loss don’t go together!
  • Thinking thin – how you see yourself affects your long-term weight!
  • Emotional padding and how to avoid comfort eating.

4. The Energy Balancing Act: How hormonal imbalance makes you ill (as well as irritable, tired and grumpy!). In this class, I identify:

  • Common energy stealers.
  • The (big) role hormonal imbalance plays.
  • Truly easy ways to get more energy.
  • Rebalancing: How to do it and how it will increase your energy!
  • The energetics of energy.

5. Beauty from the Inside Out: What you need to do to have lovely skin, hair and nails and that beautiful, healthy glow. You will learn:

  • What helps us live longer and look younger.
  • The beauty nutrients that create that healthy look.
  • What tool every beauty has in their arsenal!
  • How to find your shine!
  • How to achieve beauty beyond the physical.

6. Living the Life You Want: The next step for the new radiant you!

  • Your maintenance programme.
  • Working out what you want – and how to get it!
  • Living in rhythm and harmony with your environment.
  • Congruency, moderation, balance – what do these mean for your health AND your happiness?

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