Emotional Healing

Do our emotions affect our physical health?

The answer is yes! absolutely. And this realization has given rise to a whole new area of scientific research called psychoneurosis.

Study in this area is only just beginning, but it is looking at the link between our thoughts and emotions and how they affect us physically.

I think most of us understand that we are more than just a series of parts – more a complex layering of thoughts and feelings and emotions and instincts, which all come together within a physical body. And how we deal with these, and how they make us feel can affect, over time, our physical well being.

There are a large number of practitioners who believe that behind every physical illness or imbalance in the body lies an imbalance in our emotional energy body – repressed feelings, resentment, anger, feeling powerless to name but a few. And if these unresolved issues are allowed to stay stuck within our cell tissue for maybe years, they inevitably end up affecting that cell tissue in some way.

We live in a culture which is not particularly good at dealing with negative or inappropriate emotions. We are taught from an early age what is acceptable and what is not, and we also find certain of our emotions are validated, and others are not. It is obviously important that children are taught to control their emotions, but it is also important that those same emotions are acknowledged and not labelled good or bad – we feel what we feel and it is more important to understand why a person or situation is making us feel a particular way, rather than pretending that isn’t the case.

So here we are, with years of emotional blocks, and blind spots and repression behind us. What can we do to help undo the problems they may be causing us?

Flower Essences have long been recognised for their subtle yet effective ability to help with emotional imbalances and blocks, gently bringing someone from the negative aspects into the positive of an emotional state. For example, feeling like a victim, to a sense of empowerment etc. Other therapies which can also help include Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnotherapy.

As these shifts occur in our emotional energy field a consequent shift can occur in our physical self, often with remarkable stories of healing of anything from niggling issues to much larger problems being healed – the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming, we’re just waiting for the science to catch up!

For example: Dr Samul J Mann, associate professor of clinical medicine at the Hypertension Centre of the New York Presbyterian Hosptial, drawing on his experience with thousands of patients, maintains that there is a link between hypertension and emotions. More specifically, old, unhealed repressed emotions and trauma. It is our hidden emotions, he ways, the emotions we don’t feel (ie. repress) that lead to hypertension and many other unexplained physical disorders. It is therefore necessary, in order to deal with hypertension, especially severe hypertension, to bring these hidden emotions into the light, into consciousness, and deal with them.

Dr Lawrence Le Shan in his book Cancer as a Turning Point, looks at similar issues with regards to the development – and remission – of some cancers.

Dealing with old ‘stuff’ is not necessarily easy work, and requires a high degree of self honesty – after all if you’re pretending even to yourself that, for example, it doesn’t really matter that someone has let you down badly, either now or in the past, and you aren’t acknowledging the justified feelings of anger and hurt you might feel, then releasing them so they don’t affect your cell tissue will be a problem…… This is where flower essences can really help to support you in the process of getting to grips with, and gently releasing these negative feelings.

Most of us have year of repressed emotions stuffed quickly into a cupboard because at the time it was too painful/not appropriate etc to deal with them openly. The less we deal with them and release them, the more we shut down our range of emotional expression -and a good thing too I can hear some of you say! But emotions give our life colour and texture and richness, and refusing to engage with them not only robs us of this, but leads in the longer terms to serious illness patterns developing.

There are many ranges of flower essences, but two of the most well known are the Bach Flowers, and the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

I favour the Australian Bush Flower Essences, simply because it is a range which addresses many of the emotional states which are very relevant to the 21st Century. Click on the links below for more information.

Australian Bush Flower Essences