Colour Healing

Colour is more than just something that makes our world a more interesting place. It is a powerful tool, acting on our minds, bodies and emotions at a subconscious level. It is now recognized that colour is essential for our well being.

The healing properties of colour have been known and used since Ancient Egyptian times – if not beyond! Modern science is now starting to realize and explore this area and acknowledge how different colours can improve our sense of well being, speed up healing and balance our energy. For example, it has been proved that red light raises blood pressure, whilst blue light lowers it.

So how does this work?

Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum – the visible part of this spectrum. All things have their own vibrational frequency. Colour itself is a vibration, and each colour vibrates at a slightly different rate to that next to it.

Each organ of the body also has its own characteristic vibration, and when a body is ‘in tune’ all of the systems work in harmony. Stress, strain, emotional or physical trauma, poor nutrition, exposure to radiation and harmful frequencies can all throw the system out of sync, and disease and ill health follow.

Colour healers help to rebalance and bring the body back to its original vibration by determining which colour is required, where the bodies energies are out of kilter or blocked and the best method to use to achieve this.

Different methods can be used:

  • Coloured light lamps or pens
  • Coloured crystals
  • Aura Soma oils
  • Eating coloured foods and drinking solarised water
  • Wearing certain colours
  • Colour visualisation and colour breathing

There is also a whole psychology to colour, much of which we know instinctively, and this too can give us understanding about what is going on within us – here again the Aura Soma colour system can help to bring great insight at this level. Learning the language of colour can help us to consciously use it to improve our lives and surroundings – indeed psychologists and marketers do this all the time to manipulate our behaviour and buying habits.

One of the most fascinating facts about colours I think, is that objects do not inherently possess colour – it is our brains that perceive these colours. When light hits an object, all the colours of the spectrum are contained within that light, which are then absorbed into the object. Any colour vibration which is rejected by the object reflects back to our eyes, and it is this we pick up. So grass absorbs all colours except green – and we see it as green. Likewise a banana rejects yellow, a carrot orange and so on.

Our colour perception is highly developed, with the brain estimated to be able to recognize around 10 million different colours!

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