Marine Phytoplankton – The Ocean’s Gift

What if Nature provided a power-packed tiny plant smaller than a red blood cell, that was one of the most powerful foods on Earth?  Would you be interested?

The fact is she does!  And it is the beginning of the food chain for all living creatures in the oceans and, indirectly, all land creatures.  Marine Phytoplankton is a single-celled organism which supports the largest animal on the planet – the huge blue whale.  The unique make-up of marine phytoplankton means it can contribute everything  this massive creature needs to thrive,  and if we take a closer look at the life-sustaining nutrients it contains it is easy to see that it is clearly a superfood for us as well.

But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at what this little powerhouse does for the planet – besides being the foundation for life.  It is responsible for up to 90% of the world’s oxygen, producing it through the action of sunlight and carbon dioxide – that’s more than all the world’s forests combined!  In addition, marine phytoplankton also produce sulphur, an important micronutrient, the by-products of which are secreted into the atmosphere and spread around the world by wind and weather.

So, what can it do for us?  Well, scientists are only just beginning to wake up to the potential benefits of this little organism, and therefore studies are still in their infancy, but there are plenty of indications from practitioners who are ahead of the wave as to the efficacy of marine phytoplankton in ensuring health.  In fact, it has quickly gained a reputation as a superfood which brings quick results.

Rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, potent antioxidants, a vast array of vitamins and minerals, both macro and trace, proteins, hundreds of different carotenoids and other phytochemicals, and chlorophyll it has 400 times the energy of any plant – that means you can’t fail to get a boost from it.  Also, importantly for us, it is considered to be 100% bioavailable to the body – there is no waste at all, which is extremely unusual.  It has a cell wall that is immediately digested and absorbed, so its valuable nutrient content passes easily into the body.

Couple this with the fact that it bypasses the liver and goes straight into the bloodstream, it is available for the body to use almost immediately, and there are numerous reports of individuals experiencing improvements in various health conditions within days of starting to take marine phytoplankton, rather than the weeks to months which are more normal for supplements or drugs.  And there would appear to be no ill effects from long term usage – only benefit.

Why is it proving so potent?  Well, it would appear to have exactly the makeup which matches that of human cells, so it can deliver everything our cells need to repair and carry out their metabolism.  It contains all the necessities of life and is a complete protein in itself.

David Wolfe, an expert on world superfoods, reports the following benefits from taking marine phytoplankton:

Energy without stimulation
Improved immune function
Decrease in aches and pains
Improved speed and safety of detoxification
Helps shed excess weight
Enhances brain function, including memory and concentration
Helps increase oxygen uptake
Helps improve blood sugar imbalances
Fewer cravings
Better sleep, sex, energy, digestion, circulation and eyesight
Faster recovery from illness
Nervous system repair
Helps improve many degenerative diseases including autoimmune, cardiovascular, skin,
nervous system and respiratory diseases

In addition, he states, people who include this in their diet also enjoy antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effects as well as improved cellular repair, protection from radiation and also benefits from a ‘grounding energy’.

Mike Adams, chief editor of Natural News also has a long list of diseases which benefit from taking marine phytoplankton, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, infertility, liver and heart disease and kidney and bladder disorders.

One obvious benefit to be gained from intake of this little organism is that it has an alkaline pH of between 8 and 8.5, ensuring it helps to balance out the acid stressors so prevalent in today’s diet – and lifestyle.  This in itself is enough to offer a health boost.  And anyone can take it, even your pets!  It is not a supplement, nor a medicine – it is a food, a dense, nutrient-rich food unlike anything else on the planet.

A few manufacturers are supplying the growing demand for marine phytoplankton for those in the know.  Some are just literally bottling plankton-filled seawater, whilst others are concentrating it down into a powder which can either be taken with liquid, or in capsule form.  The latter is more potent as it is concentrated not dilute, and also less likely to be contaminated.  Ensure you buy from a manufacturer who follows best practice – but beware I have found at least one encapsulated product that is only 5% marine phytoplankton and 95% filler!

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Saira Salmon
December 2013