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About Lifedesigns


Saira is an internationally recognised nutritional and energetic healer and teacher.

Her philosophy is that health is our default setting, and you don’t have to look or feel your age if you make simple changes for the better. Living the life you both want, and deserve, begins by working consciously with rebalancing the physical body, and addressing other levels of dis-ease within our being.

Saira works with clients to bring about change at the physical level, but her skills also allow her to open up their awareness of other levels where a lack of wellbeing and imbalance will stand in the way of achieving a truly integrated sense of wellbeing. She embodies what she works with and has often been told that she looks years younger than her age – a fact she attributes to taking her own advice!.

Her own journey of transformation has taken many pathways, both physical and metaphysical, and she brings her understanding of this to her clients, and all the talks and workshops she teaches.

Today, Saira spends much of her time lecturing around the world and writing, as well as seeing clients.

Lifedesigns – Nourish your Body, Feed your Soul