A Holistic Look at Health

We are all different!

A very obvious statement you might think. But not one we really take to heart – particularly when it comes to healthcare. A one-size-fits-all approach is common, even in complementary medicine. You have a skin rash? Use X. A headache? Take Y.

Often this approach can bring results, but it fails to explain why some things work really well for some people, but hardly at all for others – and why some people succumb to every bug going round, and others don’t.

To truly understand and work with what is going on you have to start by looking, not at the named disease or symptom, but with the person.

We are all the sum total of our parts. What does this mean? Well, we need to look at all aspects of who this person is – not just the physical, but their mental and emotional makeup, their personality and behaviour patterns, their lifestyle, past history, family history, their constitution, and even their environment. This gives us clues to tendencies there may be, genetic and physical weaknesses which can be triggered, mental and emotional stresses which weaken body systems, levels of toxicity and nutritional deficiency and other stresses the body systems are exposed to.

Once we start to build a clear picture of this we can then start to see how this particular set of circumstances is expressing itself in the person before us. There may be a series of symptoms, or named problems, but these are all just expressions of a deep imbalance in one or more of the body systems. This is the underlying cause of the problems and where we need to address our best efforts.

Our body is a miracle. Give it the right set of circumstances and it is self-healing. We need to understand where we have gone wrong ie. what is putting us out of balance, and find ways and means to right that imbalance, and our body will do the rest. As the body rebalances, the symptoms will disappear – they are simply a white flag put out by the body to alert you to a problem. When you treat ONLY the symptom, you misunderstand the message. Look for the underlying cause and do what needs to be done to put that right, and you have true healing.

Provide your body with the right tools it needs, remove environmental stressors, cleanse and strengthen the biological terrain and your body will do the rest! It holds a blueprint for health within it, and will always strive to achieve this. If this is not happening it is because at some level you are failing to give it what it needs to do this.

So What Are the Major Issues?

Scientists have shown that if you take a piece of chicken heart tissue and culture it in a flask, giving it all it needs ie. nutrients, oxygen, the right temperature and water which is regularly filtered to remove toxic wastes it will thrive without signs of deterioration. In fact this experiment continued on for 30 years – way beyond the normal life of a chicken – before it was terminated. The belief was that this piece of tissue would continue to live almost indefinitely if the right conditions were maintained. The implications of this are quite stunning, when you think about it. All we need to do is to give our bodies the right balance of nutrients, the right temperature and a clean environment and you have the secret to eternal youth! Of course, it’s not that simple achieving all of this, and is more and more difficult nowadays given the world we live in.

Nutritional deficiency, in the form of Type B malnutrition is rife – sufficient calories (often more than!) but not enough nutrients. The majority of us are well fed, but starving. It seems a direct contradiction until you realise that calories and nutrients don’t automatically go together. In fact, with the industrialisation of farming and the food industry our food has never been so nutritionally poor. And we see the consequences of this around us every day in the huge numbers of people who are ill, or not functioning well ie. low energy, motivation, depression etc.

Remember the chicken experiment – the right balance of nutrients was key, as was sufficient CLEAN fluids. Chronic (ie. long term) dehydration is common, and levels of body toxicity are climbing – not only are many people failing to clear normal metabolic wastes from their body efficiently, but also our exposure to environmental toxicity and chemicals is huge and has a big impact on our ability to stay healthy.

So, the first step is to right nutritional deficiencies.

The next step is to cleanse, and cleanse and cleanse. The body has four major channels of elimination – the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin. If our levels of toxicity increase the body will use one or more of these to evacuate the toxins. For example, a cold is one of the means the body may use – mucous, fever, sinus drainage, coughs etc. These are all means to express toxins through the respiratory tract. Suppress these symptoms and the toxicity does not go away, it just gets worse. So the body will try another system – maybe through the liver/colon route, with an upset tummy. Suppress this, and the body will keep trying – each time producing ‘symptoms’, but the symptoms are not the problem – they are the body’s cure, the means it is using of alerting you to a problem and trying to do something about it. Keep working against it and in the long term there will be an increase in the toxic loading within the body, causing a weakening of the biological terrain, resulting in impaired vitality, low energy, poor mood etc. And from there a chronic disease picture will emerge.

It is easy to see from this why so many people gradually spiral down into chronic ill health.

In order to help the body heal itself we need to stimulate the body’s own healing powers, cleanse out the toxins and supply good nutrition so the body has the fuel it needs to do this. Shakespeare said ‘What’s in a Name?’ and indeed, being able to name a disease is not really that important – understanding and dealing with the underlying causes is what will get you well again, and these are almost always the issues outlined above.

Where particular body systems are very weak both nutrients and herbs are ideal to help strengthen that system so it can rebalance. These are direct aids to address specific problems, and as weakened systems improve, symptoms will gradually start to disappear. So this is the third step – to strengthen the weakened systems with specific nutrients and herbs.

Once you understand that, although there are thousands of diseases, each one is simply a series of symptoms of imbalance in the body. Address this root cause successfully, and you do not need to know the name of the problem for it to heal itself. Learning to recognise the weakened body systems and taking steps to strengthen and rebalance, whilst cleansing and boosting nutritional status is all you need to do.

1. Right nutritional deficiencies

2. Cleanse

3. Strengthen weakened body systems.

Where Do You Begin?

The part no therapist can do for you is quite critical to the success of the all the rest. You MUST take responsibility for your health and your own healing. It is not your doctor’s responsibility, or your mother’s or your partners or anyone elses. If you do not take responsibility for your health, very little will change. Most people are very disempowered when it comes to this – many are bullied, and browbeaten and frightened into doing exactly what their doctor says. Incredible isn’t it! But I have had at least one client who has told me her doctor told her she would die is she didn’t do exactly what she was told. The more disempowered you are, the more disengaged will be your life force, and you need this fully engaged to travel the road back to health. Depression, negative attitudes and a victim-like mentality will all hold you back. You need a positive mental attitude and belief that you can get well. Indeed, there are many studies now being done which prove the power of mind over matter – how you can all but think yourself well – and the opposite holds true also. If you do not ‘buy in’ to the process, it won’t work!

Affirmations and visualizations are some of the most effective ways you can activate a positive mental attitude. An affirmation is always made in the present tense ‘I am whole and healthy’, ‘My bone is healed and strong’. If you accompany it with a clear visualisation which illustrates what you are saying this makes it even more powerful. For example, a cancer patient might say ‘Every day my tumour is smaller and smaller’ and see the tumour shrinking to almost nothing.. There are many books available now which take you through the most effective ways of working with this.

Activating the healing response in yourself is fundamental to success – it underpins the three steps outlined above.